Pastor, Elder Arthur Jesse Hutchings

    Born the only son of Pastor Arthur Dave  & Evangelist Mary Hutchings, he was the third of four children.  In 1964, his mother  heard the voice of the Lord say “You shall  have a son & shall call his name Jesse.”  The following year, their son was born, &   was named “Arthur Jesse”.  As a sign that the Lord had spoken, he was born with a   dot on his leg which turned into a small letter “j”…and later turned into a capital “J”.It currently remains on his leg. 

       Growing up in the church, while being a typical mischievous adolescent he was also learning the working & the ministry of the church.  Over the years, he was active in the youth department, youth usher board, choir, choir director, & many special events.  In 1989, at his father’s bedside, he acknowledged his call to the ministry.  After the death of his father, he served under his mother (as minister & eventually ordained elder) until moving away in March of 2002 on his own “prodigal son” journey.  While away from his family & the church, he wallowed in the “hog pen” of sin, the outcome of which has now become his dynamic testimony of God’s love, protection, deliverance and promise of His word!  His experiences “out in the world” have now become tools in his ministering.  He is a true example of God’s word that proclaims all things will work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  During his experience, although he was not in the will of God, he never forgot who God was or the purpose that had been proclaimed over his life.  He tangled with the devil, but God would not let him go!  After life was no longer “life” he heard God speaking to Him in the midst of his sin.   He then decided to turn from the deceit of the devil, and follow God.  In 2007, he hurriedly returned home to Phoenix & his family.  Continuing to shave himself from the bondage and influence of sin, after repenting with a sorrowful heart, by 2009 he was back in the will of God working whole-heartedly in the ministry at Trinity.  He can truly say that the devil did not triumph over him……BUT GOD! 
     He worked faithfully beside his mother (Pastor), & she saw the need to turn the church over to him.  He was installed as Pastor of Trinity on Sunday, March 18, 2012.  The church has increased under his dynamic preaching & leadership. He is determined as never before, to reach those that are lost & show them that God’s love can bring them out of the “hog pen”.   His testimony continually blesses all those that hear, as he is a true witness of God’s saving grace and His mighty power and love!