Our History

History of Our Church
     This church was founded & organized by a young woman, Evangelist Rebecca Dorothy Hutchings-Wilkes (the mother of Arthur Dave Hutchings) in 1935 in the home of Mother Rosa White (the mother of Marye Hutchings).  It was through this that the “Church of God Mission Society” of Phoenix was established.  Soon thereafter, the church was moved from the home of Mother White to the present location, 1702 E. Jefferson Street.
     The first services at this location were held under a Brush Arbor.  After a short time, they outgrew the Brush Arbor, so they began making adobe bricks by hand, using the soil from the lot, which is the present parking lot.  During this time, they would go to the river to baptize new converts.  They eventually were able to pour a foundation & began building the walls as they made more bricks.  This was done under the supervision & direction of Mother Wilkes.  Block by block, they worked until the erection of the first building was completed.  The congregation had grown immensely & consisted of Blacks, Whites, & American Indians.
     The church was under the national leadership of  the renowned evangelist, Bishop Jesse Douglas Smith, founder of an independent “Church of God” organization.  Their national headquarters was 4400 St. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
     Although a female, Pastor Evangelist Wilkes’ leadership was respected by other pastors in the city, including Bishop (Overseer) J. W. Taylor, pastor of the Church of God in Christ congregation which was called “Church #1”.  As Pastor Wilkes’ responsibilities grew in the organization, her son, Arthur Dave Hutchings assumed pastoral duties from the age of 17.  Bishop Smith officially appointed him Pastor in 1943 at the age of 21. 
     In the mid-1940’s, Bishop Smith met the founder of the “ Churches of God in Christ”, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.  Soon after, he was led by the Lord to travel to Memphis, Tennessee to be in prayer with Bishop Mason.  It was during this great union of powerful prayer & fasting (which lasted several days) that the Lord instructed Bishop Smith to bring his entire organization into the Churches of God in Christ to be under the leadership of Bishop C.H. Mason.  This added greatly to the COGIC since Smith’s organization consisted of 48 churches across the nation including our church.  Bishop Smith married Pastor Wilkes, & they eventually moved to Los Angeles where he was appointed by Bishop S.M. Crouch as pastor of the “Triedstone 114th St. & Wilmington” COGIC  where Bishop Smith pastored until his death.
     Sometime around 1950, Pastor Arthur Hutchings changed our name to “Trinity Church of God in Christ”.  The church continued to grow immensely under his leadership.  All who crossed his path immediately became admirable of his drawing personality.  “Rev. A.D.” (as many called him) was affectionately known as “the peacemaker” because of his ability to mediate & speak the Word into any given situation.   Pastor A.D. Hutchings had a vision to build a new edifice, & in 1969 the vision began.  After completion, services were held in the 1st phase (now the dining hall) while the old church was torn down & the new sanctuary (2nd phase) was under construction.  In a short time, his vision was completed, the current building at 1702 E. Jefferson.  He soon became the Superintendent & Founder of the “Shiloh District”.

He was widely loved throughout the State & the National for his good-hearted nature, compassion, & righteous walk with God. He served lovingly & faithfully as Pastor of Trinity for 45 years until the Lord called him home on November 5, l989.
By the leading of the Lord, his faithful wife immediately took on the mantle after she heard the Lord say “procure the Pastor’s work”. Under Pastor Marye Hutchings, the church went through many challenges being that she was a female pastor, but she continued faithfully through adversity & opposition. Under her leadership, another phase of the building was added. The side hallway, remodeling of the old entry with beautiful glass block, & a new side entry. Pastor Marye Hutchings served faithfully and even took the Word abroad to former Soviet countries that were not acquainted with Christianity. She helped establish the first Christian church in the Catholic nation of Poland.
After her son, Eld. Jesse Hutchings had returned to the Lord & began working again in the church, she saw growth as he began developing programs for the spiritual & numerical growth of Trinity.
After pastoring for 22 years, in 2012 she passed the mantle to her son.
On March 18, 2012 Trinity received their next & current Pastor, Elder A. Jesse Hutchings. Under his leadership the church has had phenomenal growth.
After “79” years of existence, and always being known as a “family church”, the Lord is surely with us as he continues to show Himself strong in the midst of humble congregations over the years. We are a loving church, with the mission of Kingdom building.
We are Trinity……..We are Family!‚Äč